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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get most often from new or prospective students on Engineering Technical Services (ETS) or Engineering Computing Services (ECS) topics.

What kind of computer do I need?
You can find a standard recommended HuskyPC configuration through the Dell PunchOut on Kuali. However, you can purchase whatever system will meet your needs. Please note that research material may only be stored on UConn-owned machines. <Need more information/ a link on UConn data policy>

Where do I check my UConn email?
Faculty and staff email is on Office 365. There are a number of ways to connect to your email. There are no engineering email accounts.

I need Microsoft Office (or other non-free software) for my computer – how can I get it?
For your UConn-owned work computer, you should contact your departmental IT person for software installation. There is also a lot of FREE software available to you for use on your personal computer, both through UConn and through the School of Engineering specifically. This includes Windows, Microsoft Office, Matlab, and many other programs. Follow those links for specific information on eligibility requirements and how to obtain and install this software.

How can I get IT support?
Your first point of contact for IT questions should be your departmental IT person. You may also contact the Engineering Help Desk.

Who do I contact for maintenance on campus?
For non-emergency maintenance, you should submit a request here. For emergencies (like flooding, broken windows, etc.) you should call 860-486-3113 or 860-486-3114. Note: if someone is hurt or in danger, dial 911 immediately.

My lab needs to borrow a vehicle. How can I do that?
The School of Engineering has some vehicles available for official University business. See here for more details.

I need specialized equipment or advice for a project. is there anyone that can help?
The Engineering Technical Services Machine Shop and Electronics Shop have specialists on staff and a wide range of equipment available. See the shop pages for details.

I need to print a poster. What should I do?
As long as your poster is for academic purposes, you can print it for free at the EII Learning Center or in some of the departmental computer labs. More information on our capabilities and what you must do to prepare are here.

Helpful Links

Here are some links to resources not within ETS or ECS that may be useful to you. Please note that we do not maintain these pages, and if you have questions about the content you should reach out to the contacts listed on those pages directly.

How can I sign up to get texts/ emails when classes are cancelled (or other safety-related alerts)?
You can sign up for text and email alerts by filling out this registration form – see alert.uconn.edu for more information.

Where can I find information about employee benefits/ insurance?
Information about benefits can be found on the UConn HR website.

Where can I get laboratory safety training?
The Division of Environmental Health and Safety oversees laboratory safety at UConn. They can answer questions about safe laboratory practices or waste disposal, and offer training courses that are required before you may work in a laboratory.

What’s going on at SoE for diversity and outreach?
Check out the Engineering Diversity and Outreach Center!

I can’t find my class. Where is <building>?
A searchable campus map is available here.