Websites Overview

ECS provides a variety of different types of web services to suit the needs of the School of Engineering community. Departmental web pages are utilized to provide specific information about departments within the School of Engineering.

A public_html directory is incorporated into every account created by ECS. Any file put into that directory is by default permissions accessible by everyone on the Internet. By using this, you are sharing your content across the world wide web and you must abide by state and federal law as well as university IT policy, especially when dealing with copyrighted materials.

Personal home pages do not support CGI, PHP, Perl, and MySQL. However, PHP and MySQL are available for students, faculty, staff, research labs, and student organizations at no cost, on the dynamic content web server.

Appropriate Usage
Your use of School of Engineering web pages must be in compliance with University and stateIT policies. In addition, using your web page for commercial use is not permitted. You are also expected to conduct yourself in a manner that represents the University of Connecticut School of Engineering.

Departmental Web Sites
Departmental web sites are hosted on a load-balanced, highly-available web server cluster, supporting dynamic database-driven content using MySQL and PHP.

For more information, please read about Departmental Web Pages.

To request a new departmental web site, please create a Help Desk Ticket.

Personal Web Space
Every faculty, student and staff user in the School of Engineering can host static content in the public_html directory which is associated with their account. This can be very useful for easily publishing and sharing content publicly with anyone in the world.

In order to get started with your personal web space, please see read the section Creating Personal Home Pages.