Microsoft Expression sFTP Configuration

The intent of this is to guide you to assist you to configure the file transfer client, Microsoft Expression, so that can upload files to your UConn Engineering personal web site. Microsoft Expression is available for the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows


  • Don’t have the Microsoft Expression client? Download it here!
  • Additional Microsoft Expression quick start guide can be found here.

Before proceeding, you will need the following information:

Server Name:
Port: 22
Protocol: ssh/sFTP
Credentials: Engineering Username and password
Directory you are publishing to: /home/<engineering username>/public_html

For students, your engineering username is the same as your NetID. For faculty and staff, your username was provided to you when your account was created by the Engineering Help Desk. If you do not have an engineering account, your departmental admin or IT staff should send in a request to

Connecting to the School of Engineering Personal Website

From Off Campus
If you are connecting from off-campus, you must first connect to the VPN. Ensure that you are connected to the internet, then follow the instructions here. Once you are connected to the VPN you can proceed with the instructions below.

From On Campus

Open Microsoft Expression

From the “Site” Menu, click “New Site”

  • From the Site Tab, select “General”
  • From the center column, select “Import Site Wizard”
  • Under location, click “Browse” and select the folder/directory where you website files on your computer reside
  • Under “Name” simply enter the name of your personal website
  • Click “OK”

You will be shown the connection type and other information, click on the “Connection Type” drop down

From the drop down list, select sFTP, which stands for secure File transfer protocol

Once you have selected sFTP as your file transfer protocol:

  • Under location enter: s
  • Under directory enter: /home/YOUR_USERNAME/public_html
  • Under settings, select 4 as  the maximum simultaneous connections to have at once when transferring files.
  • Click Next

Your username is your engineering account information. In this example, we are using “orlando” as the username.

Once you have clicked “Next” it will ask you for you engineering account username and password

  • Enter your engineering account name
  • Enter your engineering account password
  • Check “Remember my password”
  • Click “OK”

Once you have authenticataed, it will ask you if you want to add any files to your current site, check “Add to current site” and click “Next”

Microsoft Expression will now tell you that the settings are in, and now we are ready to begin transferring files. Click “Finish”

Once you have clicked “Finish” it will display files from your local computer (left panel pane), and the web server (right panel pane)

From our local files panel, we will modify the file test.html, double click on test.html or any file that has an HTML file extension

Make your changes, and save the file

To upload your file:

  • Switch to the “Site View” pane
  • On the local file pane view, click on the you wish to upload/update
  • Between the local view and server view panes, click on the blue arrow pointing to the server pane


To upload multiple files

Press & hold the CNTL key, and left click

When done, right click, and select “Publish Select Files to ……..”

In our example below, we selected “filezilla-docs” and “test.html”

The application will now update the website with the files you selected, in our example, we chose “test.html” and “filezilla-docs.”