Creating Personal Web Pages

All SoE users automatically receive web space for publishing pages and sharing content with the world. This web space can be accessed from any browser using the url<engineering username>.

This web space is for static content only (at this time). If you need to create dynamic database-driven content, please see our Web Sites section.


Page Content

If username001 is your engineering username and create a file called math.htm and place it in your public_html folder, the web address for that file will be

Alternately, if you create a folder in your public_html folder called mathfiles, and then place math.htm in that directory, the web address for the file will be

The only exception to this rule is a file with the name index.html. Any file given this name will appear as the directory name. For instance, if you copy index.html to the mathfiles directory, its web address will be

Creating and Modifying your Personal Web Page

There are multiple tools you can use to create and modify your personal web space. See these links for instructions: