Updating Your Web Site with WinSCP

NOTE: The “Icarus” SSH Gateway has been decommissioned. The process for accessing files from off-campus has changed. Please follow the instructions for Home Directory Access from Windows, Off-Campus section.


WinSCP is a free an open-source SFTP and FTP client for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. For fast secure file transfers, it uses SCP (secure copy) which is based on the SSH (secure shell) server.


SFTP is the preferred method for remotely uploading files to your personal web page. FTP is also supported, but is discouraged, as it is much less secure. The directions below describe how to access your deparmental web site using the popular WinSCP SFTP client.

  1. Download and install WinSCP.
  2. Enter servername.engr.uconn.edu under Host name (see Figure 1) (where servername” is the name of a server running a secure FTP server).
  3. Leave the default Port Number as 22.
  4. Enter your School of Engineering username and password.
  5. Under File protocol select SFTP.Click Login.
  6. If this is your first time connecting, you will be ask to add the host’s key to your local cache. Click Yes.
  7. Type the path of your website (example: /share/dept_web/www.engr.uconn.edu). Drag and drop your web files into this directory.