Updating Your Departmental Web Site Using CIFS

CIFS (or Common Internet File System) is a file sharing protocol mostly used between Microsoft Windows computers. When connected to the School of Engineering wired network or the UCONN-SECURE wireless network, users have full access to all CIFS resources. Remote CIFS access, however, is not allowed, and users at remote locations (for example home cable modem or DSL internet connection) must first connect to the UITS VPN before being able to access CIFS resources within the School of Engineering.


If you are on a PC that is connected to the School of Engineering network, or using the UITS VPN, then you can easily connect to your web page folder:

1. Right-click on the Computer icon on your desktop and select Map network drive… (see Figure 1).

2. Under Drive, select any available drive letter.
3. Under Folder enter the UNC path of your website. (see Figure 2).

4. If your computer is joined to the SoE domain, and you are logged in using your SoE username and password, then you can just click Finish. Otherwise:

a.Select Connect using different credentials.
b.Click Finish.
c.Enter your SoE username in the form of username@ad.engr.uconn.edu (see Figure 3).
d. Enter your SoE password and click OK.