Software Mirrors

ECS maintains various software repositories which are available to the University of Connecticut community. Included are a Debian Mirror, an Ubuntu Mirror, a CPAN Mirror, and a Cygwin Mirror. These repositories are available via web within the University, but not outside. They are updated by a daily rsync schedule.

CPAN Mirror
The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network contains a large volume of Perl software and documentation. The local ECS mirror of CPAN is provided here:

When configuring the CPAN module (if using standard Debian or Ubuntu Perl packages /etc/perl/CPAN/, paste our CPAN mirror in your urllist, and you will save time and bandwidth.

Cygwin Mirror
Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows that allows Windows users to make use of some of the large volume of free applications available for Linux in the Windows operating system. The local ECS mirror of Cygwin is provided here:

In order to use the mirror during your Cygwin installation add the above URL via cut and paste and select it as the repository to use. It will decrease installation time from hours to minutes.

Debian and Ubuntu Software Repositories
Apt repositories for standard Debian and Ubuntu are available as well. For a list of source.list configuration files, please click here.