Free Microsoft Software

The School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut has a premium subscription to Microsoft Azure for Students (formerly Imagine, formerly DreamSpark, formerly MSDNAA).  Engineering faculty, staff, and students are eligible to a wider range of software than what is generally available to the University.  These licenses are perpetual (i.e. they do not expire) and for personal computers.

Who is eligible?
Students taking at least a 1 credit course in one of the five academic departments in the School of Engineering OR faculty and staff teaching or facilitating courses or carrying out academic research.  See here for specific usage guidelines.

How do I get this software?
Go to On the Single-Sign On page, use your NetID and NetID password to sign in.

Is the software mine to keep?
Yes, you may install it on your personal computer and keep it after you leave the university. Note that the academic use clause will still apply.

What does “academic use only” mean?
You will receive an end user license agreement when you download the software. That is the official statement and nothing said here has any impact on that agreement. Basically, the agreement says that the software cannot be used for commercial or administrative purposes. It can be used for instruction, research, and even personal enrichment after you leave the school. You may not sell or transfer ownership of your license to anyone else.

When I download software I get a file that ends with .sdc and is 404KB. What is that?
All software requires two downloads. The first is a small executable file used to download and decrypt Secure Digital Container (sdc). When this is run, it will start a second download which expands into your iso file. This is a CD or DVD image that can be burned to optical media or mounted by third party software.

Where can I get help?
Our help desk will be glad to answer questions for you. You can contact us at 860-486-1821 or by email at