Senior Design Poster Printing Procedure

Senior Design Poster Printing Procedure:

  1. Follow approved Senior Design poster template to ensure size compliance (templates located below)
  2. All posters will be sized: 24x36 or 30x40.
  3. Create your poster choosing  your departments templates. Available below.
  4. Save your poster as a PDF.
  5. When naming your poster file please include your department and your team number. example:  ETSTeam1.pdf, CBETEAM12.pdf
  6. Upload you poster to Q:\ENGR\SoE Poster. found in this PC of windows explorer. Please click here to access the Q: drive from off campus
  7. One student per Senior Design Team will need to be present for printing
  8. One Team member will come to the helpdesk to get their poster printed and might be sent out to lab to make alterations or corrections
  9. Come to E2 306D and ask the helpdesk to print your poster.
  10. The helpdesk area is open for poster printing from 8am untill 4pm Mon- Fri


Approved SOE Senior Design TemplatesDownload

BME: 36" x 24": Download
CBE: 36"x 24"  : Download
CEE: 24"x36"   : Download
CSE: 24"x36"   : Download
ME:  40"x30"   : Download
MEM: 40"x30" : Download
MSE: 24"x36"  : Download

For larger or more complex printing needs, please visit the Document Production Center website.D