Poster Printing

The School of Engineering Learning Center offers free poster printing for individuals associated with the School of Engineering.

We can print in color, but we do not print on glossy paper. We recommend you avoid color gradients in your poster backgrounds, as these often do not print properly.

Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students & Individual Engineering Courses:

We request that Faculty/Departments/Programs who have poster printing as part of their curriculum notify the Learning Center Help Desk  **(** of  the poster requirement (number of students printing, due date of project) 2 weeks prior to the poster due date so we can schedule the requirement and prepare with supplies and staff.

We request Faculty/Graduate Students/Undergraduate Students who are attending competitions or presenting at conferences notify the Learning Center Help Desk ** ( 2 weeks prior to the event so we can schedule you and prepare with supplies and staff.

Click Here for Senior Design Poster Printing Procedure

General Information:

  1. Follow approved templates to ensure size compliance (Uconn Templates)
  2. Typical poster sizes are 30″x40″ and 24"x36” both dimensions work in portrait or landscape
  3. Posters can be printed in dimensions of up to 40″ by the size of the paper roll. Please refer to the poster printing concepts section below
  4. Printing will be done in Engineering 2 Room 306D Helpdesk Area and is open from 8am untill 4pm Mon- Fri
  5. Person/Requester needs to be present when printing occurs
  6. Poster needs to be in final draft form for printing to take place, no corrections or alterations.
  7. No mounting materials will be available in Engineering 2 Room 306D Helpdesk Area
  8. We do not provide poster boards or adhesives.

Our Printer Information:

  1. Model: DesignJet T7200
  2. Contains two paper roll sizes 36" and 40"
  3. The printer will trim the poster at the end of printing along the width of the printer.

hp designjet t7200 printer

Poster Printing Procedure:

  1. Please refer below to the poster printing concepts when choosing a poster size.
  2. Create your poster using one of the available template from: Uconn Approved Templates
  3. Save your poster as a PDF.
  4. When naming you poster file please include your department and your netid. example:  ETSabc14005.pdf
  5. Upload you poster to Q:\ENGR\SoE Poster.
  6. Come to E2 306 and ask the helpdesk to print your poster.
  7. The helpdesk area is open for poster printing from 8am untill 4pm Mon- Fri

Poster Printing Concepts

Our printer has two paper roll sizes: 36" and 40". We recommend printing in the dimensions of 24" x 36" or 30" x 40". These dimensions work in either portrait or landscape. Our printer will choose between either of the two rolls based on the dimensions of your poster. We recommend that when choosing a different poster size than what we recommend you consider the paper roll size. If you print 36" x "your choice" there will be no waste paper or cutting involved, our printer will auto portrait or landscape your poster and cut accordingly.This is also true with printing 40" x "your choice" being that the second roll is 40". If your dimensions do not contain 36" or 40" your poster will need to be cut when printing has finished.

For larger or more complex printing needs, please visit the Uconn Document Center website.