Poster Printing

The Learning Center offers free poster printing for the School of Engineering. We can print in color, but we do not print on glossy paper. We recommend you avoid color gradients in your poster backgrounds, as these often do not print properly.

Our printers:
HP DesignJet 111 – Posters up to 23” (shorter dimension)
HP DesignJet Z2100 Photo Series – Posters up to 44” (shorter dimension)

Both printers will trim the poster at the end of printing along the width of the printer. There are scissors and a paper cutter available for trimming extra white space from the other dimension.

How to Print:

  1. The PDF document size should be the full intended size of the poster (you can check by right-clicking the page and selecting document properties). You can change the slide size in PowerPoint in the Design Tab > Slide Size.
  2. Save your poster as a PDF, and bring both the PDF and the PPT version when you come to print.
  3. Review the PDF to make sure the dimensions are correct and that it looks the way you want before you get here. Do not plan to make major modifications on the printing computer – there is only one for all to share. PLAN AHEAD!!!
  4. Stop by EII 306 while the Learning Center is open to print. Allow approximately half an hour for printing if there is no wait. However, at certain times of the year (particularly just before senior project presentations) there is very high demand for poster printing services, and there may be a waiting list to use the printer.

20150826_135512   20150826_135331


For larger or more complex printing needs, please visit the Document Production Center website.