Mac Mail 4.1


In OS X Snow Leopard, the bundled messaging applications Mac Mail, iCal, and Address Book can all connect directly to the Exchange email system. This feature allows you to receive real time updates without purchasing additional software, such as Entourage.


  1. Open Mac Mail
  2. The Welcome to Mailwizard may appear. If not, click on the File menu and select Add Account
  3. Welcome to Mail
    1. On the Welcome to Mail screen enter your full name, your School of Engineering email address, and your School of Engineering password. Click Continue
    2. On the Account Summary screen confirm that the Account type field lists Exchange 2007 and that the Server address lists By default, Mac Mail will also configure Snow Leopard to synchronize your Exchange calendar with iCal and your Exchange contacts with Address Book. You can uncheck either box if you do not want to synchronize those applications. Click Create