Add Money To Printing Balance
ETS uses a print management system called Print Manager Plus so that SoE students can print efficiently in a cost-effective way.

The ECS, CEE and ME departments have their own unique system which is managed by the respective departmental personnel. These are the offices where you bring your money. Only cash is accepted. Please note: printing money is not connected to huskybucks, your student fee bill, or any other account you may have on campus.

• Printing from E2, Room 202: please see Tina Barry of ME in UTEB 470.
• Printing from FLC, Room 117: please see anybody located in the main office of CEE in FLC 302.
• Printing from E2 305, 306, 307, and ITEB 134, and 138: please see SoE Helpdesk at E2 Room 306B, George Assard at E2 Room 306A, or the Administrative Specialist at E2 Room 306D.

Printer Hardware Support
At the School of Engineering, being able to print your data is crucial and we recognize this need. If you have issues with your printers please reach out to your Departmental IT contact or contact us at, we are here to assist you.


Another great resource for printer purchasing, maintenance, and repair is UPrint. For technical support, you can call CBS Service at 1-800-648-4236.