Evolution 3 for Linux

Most Linux distributions include the Evolution mail client in their standard repositories. These instructions detail the configuration of Evolution as an Exchange client in Linux.


  1. An X-Windowing system (Xorg, Wayland, etc)
  2. Graphical desktop environment (GNOME, KDE/Plasma, xfce, etc)

Obtaining the Evolution program

  1. Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get evolution evolution-ews
  2. RHEL/CentOS: sudo yum install evolution evolution-ews
  3. Arch: sudo pacman -S evolution evolution-ews

Connecting Evolution to Exchange

  1. Open the Evolution client. If this is the first time it has been opened, you will be greeted by the new account wizard. Click Next.
  2. Enter the name of your account (your email address will suffice), full name, and email address (user@engr.uconn.edu). Click Next or OKevolution_identity
  3. The settings should automatically be determined. Check them manually to make sure they match with the following:
  4. Receiving Mail (If OAB URL is blank, click the “Fetch URL ” button):                                                        evolution_recmail
  5. Receiving Options (Change these settings as desired):                                                                                    evolution_recopt
  6. Click Next or OK and finish the setup. The first time you connect you may be prompted for a password.