Add mailbox as a second account (Send-As Possible)

These instructions are for shared mailboxes on the Office 365 system, with addresses like engr-<something> If your mailbox is still, please contact the ECS helpdesk so it can be migrated.

Students will need a student worker account to access shared mailboxes – if you do not have one, a supervising staff member must contact the ECS helpdesk to have one created for you.

Note: using this method you will be able to send using this email address as well, but if you have multiple accounts added in Outlook you’ll need to be sure you’re using the right one each time you send an email. (See last step for how to check.)

  1. In the Desktop Outlook client, select File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  2. In the Account Settings window, click New.
  3. In the Auto Account Setup window, select E-mail Account and fill in the details as below:
    • Your Name should be whatever display name makes sense for the shared mailbox
    • Email Address should be the mailbox you need to add (in the form engr-<something>
    • Leave Password blank
    • Click Next
  4. During configuration, a Windows Security prompt will appear asking for credentials to access the mailbox. Enter your own email address ( for faculty & staff; for students ) and the password for that account.
  5. When complete, click Finish then Restart Outlook.
  6. When sending email, be sure to check the From address to be sure you are sending from the right address.