Office 365 Groups

Office365 Groups are a useful tool for group communication and file sharing. Mail is only available for faculty and staff accounts, but file sharing is available for all users. Faculty and staff can follow the below instructions to create groups:

  1. Navigate to and login with your email and your NetID password.
  2. Select the Mail app to open your inbox.
  3. In your mail inbox, scroll until you see the Groups list. Click Create at the bottom.
  4. In the pane that pops up on the right of the page, select Standard Group.
  5. When creating the group, you can also set the group as private or public, and choose whether group members receive communications in their inboxes. When done, click Create in the top left of the pane.
  6. Add members by entering their email addresses.
  7. For file sharing, click View group files and activity.
  8. Upload or create files from the group SharePoint page.
  9. To share with student users: share each file manually by selecting the file and choosing Share. This will send them a direct link that they can use to access the file.