School of Engineering Lists

Faculty and Staff Lists

Donna Thibault manages the membership of all faculty and staff lists.  Please contact her directly if you have updates that need to be made to these lists.

Faculty and staff lists are provided for internal communications.  School-wide lists span all departments. You must be a member of Engr – Admins to send to any of these lists.

All engineering mailing lists begin with “ENGR – “.  If you search for this in the address book, you will find all School of Engineering lists.


Lists - SchoolWide


  • Each list includes the members in the list below it.  Therefore, sending email to “ENGR – All” will include all the  faculty, staff, and visitors from every department.
  • While using Outlook or Outlook Web Access (, you can send using the display name (e.g. ENGR – All).  However, you may also use the actual address of the list (like actually dialing someone’s phone number???); this is shown in the small print underneath each display name.  Note that the domain name of each address is