Course Lists

Course lists are provided for each engineering class being offered in the current semester.  These are automatically updated using enrollment data from PeopleSoft.  The lists are accessible by members of the deanery as well as faculty and staff of the department offering the course.

Course lists can be found in the address book using the display name which will be of the form:


Display Name Email Address
ENGR – Class ENGR1000
ENGR – Class ENGR1000-001
ENGR – CLASS CSE1010-031

Only courses with more than one section have the additional section lists.

Course lists are updated daily at lunch using the information from the Student Admin Data Mart (pulled nightly from PeopleSoft).

Searching the address book for “ENGR – Class” will show all engineering class lists.   Search “ENGR – Class subject” will narrow the list to class within that particular subject.  The images below show the results of these searches.
AB Classes AB Classes CSE