Mailing Lists

The School of Engineering maintains several mailing lists for internal communications:

School of Engineering Lists
These are inter-departmental mailing lists used primarily by the Dean’s office for school-wide announcements.

Departmental Lists
Each department has a set of mailing lists for communicating with their faculty, staff, and students. These are accessible from the department administration and their designees.

Student Lists
Each academic program offered by the School of Engineering has mailing lists for sending announcements for enrolled students. These are updated automatically from PeopleSoft data.

Course Lists
Each course offered by the School of Engineering has a list that is automatically created and updated from PeopleSoft data.

Building Lists
Facilities-related announcements, like power outages and construction, are sent to groups based on the physical location of the engineering buildings.

The pages in this section provide the details of the actual mailing lists, their recipients, and who can use it to send announcements.