Email for Life

What is Email for Life?
The School of Engineering offers an official email address for students and alumni that you can keep and maintain long after you leave the university.

This email address will become your professional identity. It will be the one you want to use when you publish papers or send out resumes. We recommend that you use your full name (e.g. It does not provide an inbox, so you have to select another email account to receive mail.

Who is eligible for an Email for Life address?
Email for life is available to current or past students in the School of Engineering.

Why do I want Email for Life?
There are numerous benefits for maintaining an email for life address. For example:

• Stay in touch with friends and colleagues long after you leave the university.
• Maintain the identity of your alma mater.
• Maintain professional correspondence by publishing a single address that will always be valid.

How do I get my Email for Life address?
If you are a current student, you should fill out the Current Student Request Form.

If you are an alumni, you can get an Email for Life address by filling out the Alumni Sign-up Form. After we verify your alumni status, you will be given an address.

When should I start using Email for Life?
We recommend that you register your Email for Life address immediately and start using it in your official correspondence.


If you have questions, you can contact our help desk at (860) 486-1821 or send email to