Home Directory Access from a Mac using Fugu

NOTE: Effective 6/1/2017, the “Icarus” SSH Gateway has been decommissioned. The process for accessing files from off-campus has changed. Please refer to Home Directory Access from a Mac, off-campus section.

Fugu is graphical front end to the command line SFTP client for Mac OS X. It was developed by the University of Michigan’s Research Systems Unix Group (RSUG).
The name of the program is an homage to the Blowfish encryption algorithm used by OpenSSH, as a fugu is a type of blowfish.

The client is available from University of Michigan. You can visit the Fugu Website or just jump to the download page
The installer may install some other prerequisite packages.

1. Once you have Fugu installed, using it is not difficult. Start the program and in the “Connect to” box type: servername.engr.uconn.edu (where “servername” is the name of any on-campus SFTP server). Enter your School of Engineering account username in the username box, and click connect.


2. The first time you connect to Fugu, you will get a warning message. That is because Fugu must download the public key of our SFTP server. After this key-exchange is complete, it is saved to disk and you should not see this warning message again. This lets you know that the endpoint you are connecting to can be trusted.


3. Once connected, search for the directory private_home on the right. Navigate into that directory, and you should be able to drag and drop files to and from your home directory with ease.

4. ECS recommends that you store all your data in the folder private_home. The default permissions on this folder are set so that only you can access it. Storing data in other areas is only for expert users who know what the risks are.

5. The default permissions should ensure that files in the folder public_html directory are visible to the world over the World Wide Web. Please be very conscious of this and only post information that you have the right to share with the public in that directory.