Personal Data Storage

Standard Access to Personal Folders

All SoE H drives have been migrated to University P drives. See the SoE Migration website for more information about the H to P transition.

When you log into a UConn computer with your NetID, your P and Q drives will map automatically. If you are connecting from a personal computer, or if they do not appear automatically, you can access your data by following the instructions below.

Connecting to Your Personal Folder

If you are connecting from off campus, you will need to connect to the VPN first.

To map your drive on a computer where it does not already map automatically, select the applicable instructions below.

Connect from Windows 7, 8, or 10

Connect from Mac OSX 10.7 or higher

Connect from Linux

If your drive is not mapping properly, please contact the help desk (860-486-1821 or for assistance.

Storage Quotas

The default storage quota for UConn P drives is 50 GB. If you need more space, quota increases or group shares can be requested by submitting a helpdesk ticket.