Personal Data Storage & Home Directory Access

Standard Access to Personal Folders

Accessing Files via Web Browser
ETS provides a quick and easy way to access your important files using the web browser. All you have to do is click here to access your files from the web.

Windows Users
Note: this does not apply to migrated computers that you login to using your NetID and password, but your H drive can still be mapped manually as described below. When you login to your computer using your engineering username and password your 10GB private storage will be available as your H: drive. Files stored there are not written to your local PC, but are written over the network to \\\EngrUsers\users\username\ private_home. This means they can be made available from any computer that you use.

ECS Linux Users
Your personal folder is automatically mounted as /home/username. The private_home directory (/home/username/private_home) and has permissions of 700 (accessible only to you) and should be your first choice for saving all your files. There is also a public_html directory (/home/username/public_html) with permissions 755.

Personal Websites
You can also create a personal website, accessible through a browser at  – for more information see here.

Default Mount Point Linux/(S)FTP Path CIFS Path Access
H: /home/username/private_home \\\EngrUser\users\ username\private_home Private
no default mount /home/username/ \\\EngrUser\ users\username Semi-Private, other users can access this area.
no default mount /home/username/public_html \\\EngrUser\users\ username\public_html Public website, anyone in the world can read this.

Connecting to Your Personal Folder

If your drive is not mapping properly, please contact the help desk (860-486-1821 or for assistance.

To map your drive on a computer where it does not already map automatically, select the applicable instructions below.

Your System ECS Recommendation Other Options
 Windows From SoE Network: Connecting with CIFS
Remote: Connecting with WinSCP
 FTP access (allowed but not recommended)
 Mac OS X (all versions) From SoE Network: Connecting with CIFS
Remote: Connecting with Fugu
 Connecting with Command line
 Linux Ubuntu GUI: Connecting with Ubuntu File Browser Connecting with Command line