Group Shares

Requesting a group share
Shared storage for research and administrative purposes will be granted on request. Faculty and staff can request a share drive by submitting a helpdesk ticket with the following information:

  1. The requested name of the share.
  2. The capacity needed.
  3. The engineering usernames for the people who will need access.
  4. Whether the share will be accessed only from Windows, or needs to be accessible from linux.

Accessing a group share
If a new user needs to be added for access to a share drive, a faculty or staff member responsible for the drive should submit a helpdesk ticket with the full path of the share and the engineering username of the new user.

For users who already have access, share drives can be mapped by following the instructions below and substituting the path of the share drive for the private_home path.

Your System ECS Recommendation Other Options
 Windows From SoE Network: Connecting with CIFS
Remote: Connecting with WinSCP
 FTP access (allowed but not recommended)
 Mac OS X (all versions) From SoE Network: Connecting with CIFS
Remote: Connecting with Fugu
 Connecting with Command line
 Linux Ubuntu GUI: Connecting with Ubuntu File Browser Connecting with Command line