File Recovery

Using Snapshots

The file server used for your personal storage periodically takes snapshots of your folder. This means you can recover accidentally deleted files or revert to older versions if you save them by mistake.

To do this in Windows, you right click on the folder, select “Properties,” then choose the “Previous Versions” tab. You should see several point-in-time snapshots as in the image below:


Choose the time period you would like and click “Ok”.

At this point you will be able to browse to your files, but they will not be recovered. You must copy the files back to your H: drive for the recovery to be complete.

Recovery From Tape Backups

If you cannot find your data in the snapshots, and you wish us to search the tape archive for your data, please contact the ECS Help Desk at If you can provide us with a time period and a path to where your files were stored, we will restore them from the tape archive for you.