UConn Accounts – Individual

Below is a summary of who may be given a UConn account, how that account is obtained, and what that account includes. These accounts are for use by individuals, for group-use accounts see here.

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Faculty & Staff
Student Workers
Administrative Accounts (NetIDAdmin)
Outside Collaborators on UConn Research
Consultants Not Working on UConn Research
Non-UConn Users


Who: All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in at least one credit at UConn.
How: No action required. Accounts are created automatically when the student is admitted/ enrolls, and removed automatically when the student leaves.
What: NetID and email address

Faculty & Staff

Who: All UConn faculty and staff.
How: No action required. Accounts are created automatically when payroll is processed, and removed automatically when the employee leaves.

NOTE: If the individual would like to keep the contents of their mailbox after leaving UConn, they must submit a Freedom of Information request to the Office of Audit, Compliance, and Ethics (More information and contact     here). OACE will redact any data that may not be released to someone who is no longer with UConn, such as student data. The mailbox contents could be released directly to the UConn department the individual is leaving, if the department requires it for their own purposes.

What: NetID and email address

Student Workers

Who: UConn students who are working for a UConn office, either through student labor or special payroll, and require access to work-specific resources or require a work-specific email. This generally applies to students working on administrative tasks, not students assisting with research or similar work.
How: Action Required 2 BUSINESS DAYS in advance. A staff supervisor should complete this form for each student worker account needed.
What: Student worker ID (NetIDWork) and email address (NetIDWork@uconn.edu)

Administrative Accounts (NetIDadmin)

Who: UConn faculty, staff, and special payroll employees who need a separate account for sensitive work. Student workers may also obtain NetIDadmin accounts, but the request must be submitted by a staff supervisor. These requests go to the UITS Identity Management Team. To obtain the temporary password once the account is created, the user must call UITS directly and verify their identity.
How: Action Required 1 WEEK in advance. A NetIDadmin account can be requested here The account will not be active until it has been reviewed and approved. For students whose requests were submitted by staff, the student needs to call UITS directly to obtain the password. No permissions are added by default, any permissions needed should be requested in the last field of that form. After request is submitted, wait ~10 minutes then check in AD to see if account exists (keep checking back until it does). Once created, call UITS directly for the temporary password. Once that’s done, SoE administrators can give permissions within the engineering OU.
What: A NetIDadmin account, in the form “abc12345admin”, to be used for administrative sensitive work.

Outside Researchers & Collaborators Working on UConn Research

Who: Scientists and consultants collaborating with UConn faculty, staff and students on grants or other funded research, including those volunteering their services without compensation.
How: Action Required 1-2 MONTHS in advance. Accounts are created automatically when payroll is processed. Researchers not being paid for their work must still be processed as gratis employees. The time required is quicker for gratis appointments as they do not require approval from payroll. Definitions of the available special payroll titles to be used in offer letters can be found here.The payroll process requires an offer letter and a background check.
What: NetID and email address

Consultants Not Working on UConn Research

Who: Individuals consulting on matters not pertaining to UConn research or teaching, who will not be working with students, but require access to UConn resources for their work.
How: Action Required 1 WEEK in advance. The sponsoring department must request an Affiliate NetID using this form. These requests are typically handled by departmental administrative staff. This does not require an offer letter or background check.
What: NetID automatically, email address ONLY if requested.

Non-UConn Users

Who: Individuals who are not affiliated with UConn in any way, but need access to UConn resources. For example, high school students on campus for summer programs who will need to log onto computers on the UConn domain.
How: Action Required 1 BUSINESS WEEK in advance. The sponsoring department must download and complete this form and email it to helpcenter@uconn.edu with “Visitor NetIDs needed” in the subject line. Please contact the Help Center directly with any questions, at (860) 486-4357. When the accounts are created, each user will receive an email at the provided address, as shown below.
What: NetID ONLY with instructions for activation sent to personal email (sample below)