Engineering Accounts

What are engineering accounts?

The School of Engineering is in the process of migrating to central resources. Email is no longer linked to engineering accounts – for setup information see the Faculty & Staff Email or Student Email. Engineering accounts are still in use for logging into the Learning Center computers (NetIDs will also work) and Engineering Skybox, as well as for network storage access. Once the migration is complete, engineering accounts will cease to be used.

How can I get an Engineering account?

Student engineering accounts are created automatically when a student (in any major) enrolls in an engineering course. The accounts are activated by setting a password here.

Faculty & staff accounts are created manually. A current faculty or staff member from the department must email with:

  1. New employee’s full name
  2. Employee’s NetID
  3. Department within Engineering
  4. Employee type (faculty, staff, visitor, etc.)
  5. Share drives the employee will need to access (if known)

If you need to reset your engineering account password you can do so here.