Personal Data Storage & Home Directory Access

Standard Access to Personal Folders

Windows Users
Note: this does not apply to migrated computers that you login to using your NetID and password, but your H drive can still be mapped manually as described below. When you login to your computer using your engineering username and password your 10GB private storage will be available as your H: drive. Files stored there are not written to your local PC, but are written over the network to \\\EngrUsers\users\username\ private_home. This means they can be made available from any computer that you use.

ECS Linux Users
Your personal folder is automatically mounted as /home/username. The private_home directory (/home/username/private_home) and has permissions of 700 (accessible only to you) and should be your first choice for saving all your files. There is also a public_html directory (/home/username/public_html) with permissions 755.

Personal Websites
You can also create a personal website, accessible through a browser at  – for more information see here.

Default Mount Point Linux/(S)FTP Path CIFS Path Access
H: /home/username/private_home \\\EngrUser\users\ username\private_home Private
no default mount /home/username/ \\\EngrUser\ users\username Semi-Private, other users can access this area.
no default mount /home/username/public_html \\\EngrUser\users\ username\public_html Public website, anyone in the world can read this.

Connecting to Your Personal Folder

If your drive is not mapping properly, please contact the help desk (860-486-1821 or for assistance.

To map your drive on a computer where it does not already map automatically, select the applicable instructions below.

Your System ECS Recommendation Other Options
 Windows From SoE Network: Connecting with CIFS
Remote: Connecting with WinSCP
 FTP access (allowed but not recommended)
 Mac OS X (all versions) From SoE Network: Connecting with CIFS
Remote: Connecting with Fugu
 Connecting with Command line
 Linux Ubuntu GUI: Connecting with Ubuntu File Browser Connecting with Command line